Single Dashboard for multiple Data Sources

We do it all for you Get full insight of your business with graphs, trend analysis and drill down reports

iDeskHub single platform dashboard solution, seamless data sync from various sources into one

Working is simple and easy, link all data sources into one, generate reports per your requirement. Create Dashboards, graphs, trend analysis and much more. We do it all for you.

Data Sync or connect live data

Data sync from multiple source into one database. We can connect your live data too.

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Dashboards with graphs, trends and insights of your business in single screen from Social Media, Accounting, Sales and Marketing etc.

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Drill down Reports

Stunning reports containing detailed information, analysis in a logical and systematic way.

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Schedule Email/Reports

Scheduled report to run on hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. Share your report with your team.

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Business intelligence (BI) Reporting system

iDeskHub allows you to get an executive view of your company and gives you the insights required to make informed decisions that will benefit you in short and long run. You will no longer lose track of anything in your company, neither will you miss an opportunity for growth ever again. We have made this platform keeping in mind executive and managers requirement to grow a company.

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Making Sense of Data

Data generated by accounting, by sales, warehouse, your website, your social media pages, and much more all together on one Dashboard. We live in the world of data. You can take better, accurate and faster business decisions.

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Generating Insights

Get instant insights of your business. IDeskHub analyzes your data and brings you insights which help you make business decisions. Patterns and trends are caught automatically and in time.

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Drill down Reports

iDeskHub is the perfect tool for executives and managers. It doesn’t just analyze your data and alert you about trends, it also generates reports that explain its findings.

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Empower your leadership

In order for a company to succeed, it is necessary for leadership to have all the information. iDeskHub has the solution you will never lose track of all the data when you are at the executive level.

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Get Rid of Unwanted Delays, Lapses in Downtime and Slow Data Optimization.

Short Learning Curve

Single Platform for Multiple Data Source

Enhance security of Sensitive Data

Economical high Quality Solutions

Our Tools for Your Success

With iDeskHub you get access to tools that are perfect for different functions and allow you to maximize your work and profits with ease. Signing up with us will give you access to the following tools that will prove to be an invaluable addition to your business progress.

Business Intelligence (BI) Reporting

Data Sync – Quickbooks

Time Keeper

File Conversion – Various Formats

Data/File upload to SQL Database

Data Input

Better, Faster, Smarter Business Decision

Never second guess your decisions regarding your business anymore. iDeskHub is an innovative executive dashboard, solely dedicated to enhancing business intelligence. Stay ahead of your competitors with crucial data and insight garnered with the help of iDeskHub. Work with us to take your business to new heights.


Make sure all your decisions allow you to experience harmonious growth in the right direction. Crafted to be the ultimate tool for businesses, iDeskHub allows you to take your leadership and decision-making skills to new heights. By providing insightful data as well as optimizing tools, iDeskHub enables you to effectively utilize the resources available to you in a very productive manner.


Our Technology

iDeskHub provides you with a number of different services and features that are all optimized to provide you with the best results. Our tools work because of our simple philosophy which focuses on the following aspects:




What Our Client say

iDeskhub have been a tremendous asset to our fast growing company. We hired them at the moment when our sales were growing quickly and they have been able to help us automate many of the accounting and reporting functions so we can manage the business better and stay focused on solving problems and building in other areas. They created a very strong analytics platform that has helped shape the way we view the business and even how we communicate with each other. We are more efficient and get to the root cause of issues quicker so we can start developing solutions. I would highly recommend iDeskHub.

Joe McGuire

iDeskHub services have dramatically improved my business and helped give us an advantage over our competition. Their knowledge of IT & Accounting is unique, and allows us to automate & streamline our operations dramatically. Instead of waiting weeks for information I literally have it the next day! I look forward to a long business relationship with iDeskHub!

Joseph Howeth

iDeskHub makes my life infinitely easier! They are professional, thorough, and have become not just a vendor, but a partner in my business. Couldn't have the clarity in my numbers without them as part of the team.

Assaf Gal

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