Business Intelligence (BI) Reporting System

iDeskHub allows you to get an executive view of your company and gives you the insights required to make informed decisions that will profit you in the long run. You will no longer lose track of anything in your company, neither will you miss an opportunity for growth ever again. We have made this platform keeping in mind executives and managers requirement to grow a company.

Making Sense of Data

Data generated by accounting, by sales, by the warehouse, by your website, by your social media pages, and much more all together on one Dashboard. We live in the world of data. Almost everything around, us is handled electronically and all technology generates data. The problem is that it is easy to miss important insights because there is so much data being generated. Not all your data will tell you something important – but you can’t manually process it all either, because it is simply too much. That’s where iDeskHub does the work for you.

Generating Insights

Get instant insights of your business. iDeskHub analyzes your data and brings you insights which help you make business decisions. It tracks patterns and trends and lets you know when something changes. For example, if your sales are going down in one area in particular, this will be highlighted to you. Thus, you will be immediately aware that something is going wrong in that area and you will be able to fix the problem before it damages your company permanently. All such patterns and trends are caught automatically and in time.

Drill down Reports

iDeskHub is the perfect tool for executives and managers. It doesn’t just analyze your data and alert you about trends, it also generates reports that explain its findings. Data is useless unless you can make sense of it. This allows you to understand the big picture at a glance, and it also makes it easier for you to explain the problem to other people. You won’t need technical knowledge to understand what is going on within your own company. Your financial reporting will also be instant – no need to ask anyone to make a report and then wait hours for it. You’ll be able to generate them with a few clicks instantly.

Empower your leadership

In order for a company to succeed, it is necessary for leadership to have all the information. The problem is that it is easy to lose track of all the data when you are at the executive level. You don’t have a direct link to ground level employees and business processes, and this myopia allows problems to grow within the company without upper management being aware of them even existing.
iDeskHub ensures that this will never happen to you. You will not be blindsided by any information about your company – you will instead be ahead of the curve. You won’t have to wait for someone to come up to you and report a problem, you will be able to detect it before they do and ask them about it. IDeskHub provides an executive dashboard for your business intelligence that allows you to quickly make decisions that will lead you to even more success.