Our Tools for Your Success

Streamline your Business Operations with the help of our tools. Our products and features are customized for your requirement for seamless working.

With iDeskHub you get access to tools that are perfect for different functions project management, data sync and collection of information or sharing information with team. Signing up with us will give you access to the following tools that will prove to be an invaluable addition to your business progress.

Business Intelligence (BI) Reporting

Integrate your business data from various sources into a single, holistic platform. Make recording and studying data easier with graphical presentations that allow you to monitor and drill down your progress. Flexibility in options offers different filters and designs for presentation as well as the ability to share live reports and restrict access to sensitive reports across your organization with ease.

Data Sync – Quickbooks

Using Quickbooks for data collection purposes? Sync your data to your SQL database from Quickbooks with ease using this application. Save time by automating daily sync and easily replicate your data without any loss from QuickBooks to SQL easily.

Time Keeper

Update your timekeeping with the Time Keeper. Keep track of staff’s time-in and time-outs as well as the time spent on various projects. Get rid of Excel sheets and streamline your timekeeping. Remotely accessible, you can view TimeKeeper’s data at anytime from anywhere without any problems. Time Keeper also facilitates project management, tracking finished tasks on each project.

File Conversion – Various Formats

Make conversion of data files easier with iDeskHub’s file conversion tools. Set the parameters and keep a fixed format or make use of other formats as needed through manual selection. With different options available for formats supported for conversion, file storage and more, you can facilitate data conversions with ease.

File upload – SQL

Keep your files secure by uploading them on your SQL database. Specifically designed for this purpose, the application supports various data formats. Notification of successful uploads are given via email or on the ftp you have provided. Data upload can also be automated or done manually for your convenience.

Data Input

Streamline your CRUD (Create, Read, Update or Delete) operations on SQL with live data. Create custom reports, RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) and reports using multiple data sources with the Active Data Input application. Attached to your SQL database, you can also control access to the sensitive data.

Project Management

Improve management of team projects by streamlining emails, team selection as well as management of project tasks. Assign and monitor team progress and share instructions and other data and files related to the project or the task at hand. Create a team environment and facilitate project work by providing all tools and resources in one single platform. You can also record the time spent by staff on a certain task as well.

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